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9th September 2020

ESC Volunteering with GoGreen in Skopje, North Macedonia

Youth eco-activism, environmental education, green economy – this ESC project provides an invaluable opportunity for one volunteer to grow and take action with youth environmental organization in beautiful Skopje, North Macedonia!

Dates: October 2020 – September 2021

Location: Skopje, North Macedonia

About the project

Whether it’s the single-use plastic ban, Fridays for Future, or the EU Green New Deal – environmental topics are moving into the focus of European politics and young people’s lives. To support this development, we collaborate with organisations that are actively making a positive change in the environmental field. This voluntary service opportunity in the capital city of North Macedonia, Skopje is part of a bigger project we are coordinating across 5 different European countries: “Volunteers for a Green Future”.

Within the framework of this ESC project, the volunteer will be helping with preparing and leading educational activities to raise awareness of high school students about climate change, environment, and sustainable development.

The volunteer will be involved in webinars, conducting workshops for high school students and promoting climate change, environment, and sustainable development through social media

The educational activities will be organized on meetings and workshops on the premises of GoGreens office or in the high schools themselves.

Volunteer will choose the topics of passion and the topics that he/she has experience and knowledge in order to deliver it to the high school students.

The volunteer will be coached and prepared for the successful delivery of the activities by the Youth Coordinator who is the person from the executive office that is responsible for the coordination of the Youth Environmental Network in the high schools.

25% of the volunteer’s work will be dedicated to designing and implementation of his/her personal project. The executive office will give its full support, education and training, for a successful delivery of the volunteer’s project.

Your hosting organisation

Go Green is an international youth environmental organisation providing climate change education and taking action for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

They are an educational locally and internationally active support system for young people and vulnerable groups to better care about their well-being moving towards the socio-ecological transformation of local and global communities.

Their activities are mainly in the areas of: youth training and activism, education for climate change and sustainable development, circular economy, green employment and eco entrepreneurship, and social inclusion.

They also educate pupils from primary schools and include marginalized groups, such as the people with disabilities and Roma community. The basis of the organization is the Youth Environmental Network (YEN) which is established in high schools across the country.

You want to find out more about GoGreen? Check out their Facebook page.

What can you learn during this project?

Volunteer will be able to learn about the topics of passion and experience connected to topics of “Green Future” in order to raise awareness of high school students.

For successful delivery of the activities, the volunteer will receive coaching by the Youth Coordinator who is the person from the executive office that is responsible for the coordination of the Youth Environmental Network in the high schools.

In addition, you will be able to improve you language and interpersonal skills, self-management, sense of initiative and pursue your own interests within the work for and with the GoGreen.

Working hours are approximately 30-35 per week. You are entitled to 2 free days in addition to all weekends per month. Holidays have to be agreed with your hosting organisation in advance.

You will be supported by members of the organisation throughout your voluntary service, to discuss your weekly schedule, and to learn the hands-on activities. You will meet your coordinator on a regular basis to discuss your development, ideas and tasks. As a volunteer, you are expected to be an active contributer – you will provide a new perspective and be a valuable member of the team.

In addition, you will have a mentor who will help you integrate into life in Skopje.

You will attend a Macedonian course so you can improve your language skill throughout your stay in North Macedonia.

Accommodation, logistics, finances

You will be hosted in a flat in a safe neighbourhood in Skopje. Each volunteer will have his/her own room, while bathroom, kitchen and other space in the flat are shared. The flat is furnished so that all basic needs are covered. Rent and utilities will be paid by the hosting organisation.

You will receive a monthly allowance for food in addition to a sum of pocket money per day, which will be transfered monthly. You will be supported to open a national bank account.

Your hosting and supporting organisations will help you organise your trip to and from North Macedonia. Your travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275€ in total. We are happy to support you finding a route as safe as possible.

Volunteer will be insured with the CIGNA insurance, since this insurance is covered by the project budget. Also, the supporting organization will inform the volunteer about the insurance and will give instructions to read the terms of references of the health insurance.

The volunteer will also be supported and guided through the Visa process and costs to get the visa will be covered.

Your participation in the ESC programme is free.

Who are we looking for?

You can apply if the following criteria applies to you:

  • You are between 18 and 30 years old
  • You are a resident of Germany
  • You have an interest in ecology, environmental protection and education
  • You are motivated to contribute to the work of GoGreen with your own sense of initiative and ideas
  • You are confident that you can live in a foreign country with basic living conditions
  • You are a team worker who is also confident to carry out tasks independently

Any other questions? Just send an e-mail to Irma: irma.franz@naturkultur.eu

You can apply through the form below – the more information you give, the better. We will get back to you shortly after we receive your application.