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1st February 2020
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16th February 2020

The Stage Is Yours! Youth Exchange with Kubra

In this Youth Exchange project that started on 25/11/2019. I spent 10 days on this project with youngsters from Croatia, Spain, Greece and Germany.

I learned lots of new information about theatre and film making. I had the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and introduced my own culture. We stayed in a place called KulturHaus, I liked there. Peaceful and beautiful place. We did exercises such as character analysis, eye contact, and table exercise in theatre session. In film production, after obtaining information about photography and video shooting.

We created groups and took conceptual photos. We then projected our photos on the screen and developed ourselves in this field by interpreting the angles and errors. Then, we formed teams and made short films of 1 minute. Everyone was divided into two groups according to their interests, theatre and film making.



After all rehearsals, we organized an event in Kulturhaus. Local people also came to watch this show. Each group presented their shows. We watched amazing theatre plays and short films. I am very happy that I have a chance to participate in this project. I improved myself, made new friends and had a great time…

Kind regards,

Kübranur Patır