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4th September 2018
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“The Stage is Ours”: 22nd September – 2nd October 2018, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany

“The Stage is Ours” is a youth exchange that provides various creative methods of theatre and film in which will enable participants to address issues of xenophobia, racism, and otherness in their home society and increase understanding and inclusion between each other.

“The Stage is Ours” brings youth from different backgrounds, cultures and contexts closer together helping them to express and reflect upon their opinions of migration and cultural diversity. They will gain self-confidence, awareness about what it means to come into a new host society as a refugee, inclusion, and respect for basic human rights. Participants will also learn to use the skills obtained from this exchange to take a more active role in their own society in order to shift the stagnant believes inherent about “outsiders” and combat xenophobic ideas.

The workshops will include an introduction to theatre including improvisation, non-verbal expression, character and story development. The week will also introduce theatrical techniques found in Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum theatre, playback theatre and scene building. Creative writing will allow participants a useful tool to structure reflections and thoughts based on the specific topics about home, belonging, exclusion, racism, otherness, etc. This will support the work towards producing a small theatrical play, scene, or short film during the week.



Equip young people with the necessary tools to identify negative dissenting opinions of outsiders and refugees and to counteract them in their own community

-Address the xenophobic and racism relations that are still apparent in European society and how best to resist them.

-Address the capacity of youth through creative mechanisms to change this discourse and create an efficient and effective community that accepts different individuals.

-Promote equity and inclusion



Sounds interesting? Here is the Infopack for more details. If you have questions, please send them to svenjaoltmanns@naturkultur.eu

We are missing 3 Slovakian participants.

Apply in the form below. First come, first served rule!