Here you can find testimonials from partner organizations or participants on our projects:

Testimonials from  “It´s up to me 2” in March 2015, Diepenau, Germany 

Eggert (Germany) - Wow, “Its up to Me 2” in Diepenau was definitely a life changer. You can quote me on that.

Alexandra (Czech Rep/Spain) - The best international project I have ever been to. Challenging, entertaining, inspirational - as well as its trainers. Extremely useful when it comes to leadership and working tools not only in European projects.

Eleni (Greece) - "It's up to me" has been a point of reference to me about how excellent trainings should be. It was designed to every detail and taught me how to be a confident trainer. I learned how to use my emotional side as my strength, how to be honest and myself and how to form meaningful connections with the participants of my projects.

Alina Afanasjeva(Estonia) -  This project exceeded all my expectations about it. It has completely changed me and my life through the marvelous training sessions delivered by the inspiring personalities and sharing my learning experience with open-minded and interesting people from all over Europe! I am not afraid to step out of the box now because I know it's up to me!

Ayşe Karanlık(Turkey) -  "It's Up To Me 2" was the most extraordinary training for me. I learned so many things and also realized my own competences ;)

Simona (Macedonia) - What I most liked about this training was that it showed me how to specifically apply what I learned to situations at my workplace and in real life situations, which made this program very valuable. The team and the participants were understanding, friendly and supportive. I highly recommend this training for everyone!

Testimonials from last “It´s up to me” in February 2014, Diepenau, Germany

Irena Muhr (Slovenia) - Meeting amazing new people and being taught by the some of the best trainers was an experience to remember for a life-time!

Vane Urh (Slovenia) - It was the first training I ever had and it changed my life(style). An amazing group of trainers who contributed to the atmosphere. It is something nobody should miss in a lifetime!

Stefania Maradin (Romania) - One of the best trainings I've been to, if not the best ! The trainers were truly experienced and all the participants were very well prepared. Met a lot of people and made really good friends :)

Lenka Karafiatova (Turkey/Czech Rep.) - I have been to more than 6 trainings so far and I must openly say this one was the most productive one so far. We did so much work in a very short time, we learned a lot about ourselves as well and understood our weak and strong sides. This experience was so much motivating and inspiring. I got so many ideas about what I want to develop or which direction I want to go in life. Besides of this - of course meeting amazing participants, which I love to talk till today, living amazing time and meeting one of best trainers, too of course! If I had a chance I would love to experience this training again. So much practical information and practice. Thank you so much again guys...

Karin Humar (Slovenia) - This event was my first experience of a such event where we were being shaped as trainers even outside of trainings, 24/7, because of the environment trainers created. "It's up to me" led me to realization that what I do with my life is totally up to me and equipped me with strength and supportive friends to go for whatever makes me happy, wherever I know I can make a change.

Giulia Cifaldi (Italy) "It's up to me" is one of the most powerful TC I've been to. If you will be lucky as I was, it will put you outside your "comfort zone" and will make you learn how to face with challenging situations. I wish I were not there the last year, because I'd love to re-make that experience with such an experienced team and great participants!

Marius Apostol(Romania) It was basically up to me if I would to make the best of this experience and I did. It was an amazing experience where I got to make wonderful new friends. It was my first international experience at this level and none of the ones that followed came even close. The cooking, the "wrecking ball" karaoke in the kitchen, the race to gather firewood, the "teambuilding experience" and the roommates are just a few of things I remember dearly. It was up to you guys, to provide such a nice experience for us, the participants, and you did. Thank you!

Ipek Asikoglu (Turkey) It was February and it was cold then I've met people who had warm eyes warm smiles. Everybody was smiling and everybody was close to me, seems like we had already known each other for long time. We laughed together, we cooked together we song together we learnt together and we learnt from each other. It was an awesome time. I am still thinking about sessions. I can’t choose any of them but maybe i can say listening session was the best experience in my life. When i want to listen myself or need a trip in myself i just close my eyes and think about how brilliant was the sky i saw in Diepenau. Thank you for everything and especially every single moment.

Anca Clivet (Cyprus/Romania) The most beautiful atmosphere was in the kitchen not only because of the good food but also because of the spirit of initiative and all the future plans that were shaped there. Overall, it was a wonderful challenge and a time of development and learning. Thank you