// "Stories of Human Rights"- 21st-29th of July 2018. Lviv, Ukraine [CLOSED] - NaturKultur e.V.
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31st May 2018
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“Stories of Human Rights”- 21st-29th of July 2018. Lviv, Ukraine [CLOSED]

“Stories of Human Rights” is an art project using “Theater of the oppressed” to raise awareness about human rights. Theater of the oppressed is a method of political theater descendent from Brazil. It will be used as an approach to reflect about human rights and to form a base for engagement of youth in their communities. The goal of using this method is to explore the topic in a new manner in order to find new solutions to a already long existing issue. This project aims to develop an understanding of human rights values,  the appreciation of differences, and becoming active contributors to an inclusive society where there is a respect for human dignity and cultural diversity.

Participant profile

The Stories of human Rights exchange will bring together 26 young people from three different countries (Russia, Ukraine and Germany) between 18 and 26 years old.

Aims and objectives

  • raise awareness about human rights among participating youth and other final beneficiaries;
  • bolster cultural awareness and expression through introducing and working with methods of performance and art
  • share cultures, exchange ideas and learn from diversity present during the project;
  • share ideas and come up with solutions against violations human rights face in our communities;
  • strengthen cooperation between youth from partner organisations, inspire for future joint projects;
  • empower participants to become change agents and make significant contribution in their communities. Future changemakers are going to engage in civil society and foster mutual understanding, communication of differences, tolerance, as well as shape human rights;



Sat. 21.07.18: Arrival 18:00; Welcome; getting to know the participants and the venue
Sun. 22.07.18: Team Building; intro to project and Human Rights, Amnesty International; sharing our cultural diversity
Mon. 23.07.18: Debate about discrimination; getting to know Theater of the Oppressed
Tue. 24.07.18: Theater of the Oppressed: Sharing stories about discrimination

Wed. 25.07.18: Creating Forum Theater based on our stories & oppressions;

Thu. 26.07.18: Developing Forum Theater “How to communicate diversity”
Fri. 27.07.18: Final Rehearsals; Continue working on presentation
Sat. 28.07.18: Perform. Presentation; Discussion with local youth “How we make change”
Sun. 29.07.18: Evaluation of Performance and Project, Departure in the evening after 17:00


“Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? – In small places, close to home – so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

If you are interested, here you have the  Infopack !!

Link to apply: https://goo.gl/forms/S5rcFRAjmZhre8Al2

Application Deadline: 25.06.18