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20th February 2020
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6th March 2020

Mapping the youthworkers eco systems

Dear colleagues,

Our dedication and passion for research and improvement of the youth workers working conditions continues. This time we have observed and explored new areas and trends that affect the youth workers eco-systems. Decision making processes, data collection systems, the roles and responsibilities of actors in the field, educational programs in formal education are just few of the areas that we have observed.

This report should not be seen as proof of trends and activities, but rather as indications for further research, discussions and observation of some trends. The main goal of this report is to provide indicators to the larger community of youth workers and NGOs, but also it will be used for design of a KA2 project that we will apply in October 2020 that will address different aspects of the youthworkers eco systems. In this project we plan to have not only NGOs, but also Univeristies, NAs and variety of European institutions as partners.

The project is called “A step between” and “Mapping the youthworkers eco systems” is just one of the reports that has been published. The second one is report on “Wellbeing of youthworkers” that is prepared by our partner NGO from Croatia Ozean Znanja. The third report is “Legislation pinpoint” and its prepared by our Macedonian partner organization – Go Green.

The project “A step between” is financed from the Erasmus+ program over the Macedonian National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility.

The report is available in pdf version to be downloaded on the following link.

Kind regards,

Darko Mitevski