// KA3 Structured Dialogue with Politicians "Goal for Europe II", 29 November - 2 December, 2019, in Salerno, Italy - NaturKultur e.V.
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KA3 Structured Dialogue with Politicians “Goal for Europe II”, 29 November – 2 December, 2019, in Salerno, Italy

If the participation of youth in society is at your heart, this is the event you need to join! After a fruitful first study visit to Brussels, the second meeting will be held in Salerno to explore the youth work structures of Italy, share experiences and practises and draft common goals for the improvement of youth work across Europe!

Location: Salerno (Close to Naples), Italy

Dates: 29 November – 2 December, 2019

Within this project, you will explore the youth sector of Italy, studying closely the processes of policy making and what goes into shaping the realities of youth workers in the country! During the study visit, you will have the chance to draft real policies together and test them in scenarios during the workshops.

Within your groups, you will:

  • Explore the situation of your home country – what policies affect young people in Germany? What are the rights and roles of youthworkers?
  • What are the current problems and issues that need to be tackled?
  • What financial structures are in place – how is youthwork currently being funded?
  • What needs to be changed and what can be adapted from other EU contexts?

For a detailed programme of the individual days, read the InfoPack provided by the hosting organisation of this project, Moby Dick.

You can apply, if you are…

  • between 18-30 years old
  • living in Germany
  • interested in youthwork, policy making processes and EU structures
  • experienced, at least a bit, in the topic of this Study Visit: Youthwork, policy making analysis and EU funding structures

Please note that only residents of Germany may apply through the form below.

All costs for accommodation and food are covered by Erasmus+.

We charge a 20€ participation fee.

You are responsible to buy your own travel tickets according to the rules stipulated by the hosting organization of the project. The budget for your travel costs is 275€. Your costs will be reimbursed after the end of the project if you provide all original receipts and boarding passes. This process may take 1-6 months. If you are experiencing a time of financial hardship and cannot afford to pay your travel costs in advance, contact us and we can find a solution together.

We very much support ecological ways of traveling – if you need advice on how to find train/bus tickets, let us know!
Any questions? Just get in touch with Irma: irma.franz@naturkultur.eu

The applications for this project have been closed (12.11.2019). Thank you for applying – we will be in touch!