KA3 Structured Dialogue with Politicians “Goal for Europe II”, 29 November – 2 December, 2019, in Salerno, Italy
17th October 2019
Youth Exchange “Active Citzenship in the 21st Century”, 1 – 9 April 2020 in London, UK
7th January 2020

Sustainability and nature – 12 months volunteering position


Have you always wanted to live abroad for a year and volunteer for an international organization working with young people? Or maybe you wanted to be part of a fun, outgoing and creative multinational team? What about learning new skills such as project management, planting and gardening, organizing educational activities on the topic environment for the local youth? If the answer is yes, take a look at this opportunity:

NaturKultur e.V. is opening a 10-months Erasmus+ European Solidarity Corps position for its Bremen office. We are looking for a volunteer for a 10-months long program, that has residence or citizenship in Italy (Italian residents, any nationality).  We are providing accommodation – a private room in a shared house with other volunteers where all utility costs are covered, 246€ living costs per month and 150€ pocket money. The travel costs are covered in the amount of 275€. We will also provide German lessons, a bicycle to be able to move around Bremen and the opportunity to be part of an international team with a creative and friendly working atmosphere.

Location: NaturKultur e.V., Bremen, Germany

Dates: Start as soon as possible for 10 months (ie. start in June 2020) – we are closely monitoring the travel restrictions and health advice regarding Covid-19 and will decide the starting date together with you.

Background of the project

Global warming and climate change have become one of the biggest challenges in human history. Our consumerism oriented societies create millions of tons of waste and pollute our planet. Our existing on the planet is influencing all other living plants and creatures. Our behavior has become unsustainable.

The goal of this project is to change our behavior and be more sustainable.

NaturKultur manages an educational venue called KulturHaus where we do all of our international exchanges and training courses. KulturHaus is the venue where other NGOs are doing their projects as well, with the capacity to host 50 people for 1-2 weeks long activities during any time of the year. Operating such a venue creates an environmental footprint. We produce CO2 with using fossil fuels for heating, we create waste with the packaging and food that we consume during the projects. Our goal is to become more sustainable and we have been doing some activities already. We use only electricity that comes from renewable sources, we continue to isolate the venue better and we offset our carbon footprint from the heating with planting trees and supporting organizations who do the same. We separate and recycle our waste in many categories – paper, plastic and packaging, textile, glass, electronics, metals, organic waste and we created our small organic garden. And these are only a few of the ongoing projects.

However, we believe we can do more. We can install solar panels or small windmills to produce and use our own energy, we can “reorganize” our garden and plant more trees, we can plant our own food, we can organize educational activities for young people so they become more aware and change their behavior too.

This particular opportunity is being hosted by NaturKultur e.V. More about our team you can find out here.

Your hosting organization

We are a youth mobility provider that is focused on international youth work. We organize between 8-10 Youth Exchanges and 2-3 training courses per year, and we are sending young people on many international projects abroad. We are also the coordinating organization for volunteering opportunities. Our office is located in Bremen, but we organize our projects in our KulturHaus in Garlstedt, which is close to Osterholz-Scharmbeck and 30 min by car from Bremen.

Our local and international projects aim to encourage and support young people through non-formal learning opportunities, especially focusing on the topics of interculturalism, tolerance, diversity and understanding among the different cultures in Europe. We are also organizing local events in Bremen and extending our network in the area by cooperating with other organizations and institutions.

Your tasks as a volunteer

  1. Planning and managing small sustainability projects in KulturHaus. These projects can vary from small scale projects such as birdhouses and insect hotels to having our own compost, to putting solar panels.
  2. Planning and taking care of the garden. Planning and deciding with the whole team where and what to plant, taking care of the plants we already have, planting new plants or making a small garden.
  3. Establishing cooperation with nature-oriented organizations such as Botanical gardens or NGOs that work on environmental issues.
  4. Organizing local sustainability activities during our youth exchanges, having workshops with local youth groups or neighbors.
  5. Initiating your own project ideas and activities.

Few examples of the projects and activities can be seen on the following videos:


You will be accommodated in a house just for ESC volunteers in Bremen, where you will have your own room.

Bremen is a city in North-West Germany (around 500.000 inhabitants), close to Hamburg, the border with the Netherlands and the North Sea coast. Bremen is a vibrant, multi-cultural city with a lot of young people and both a historical center, modern and cultural areas.

As an ESC volunteer, you will receive health insurance, 150€ monthly pocket money, 246€ for living expenses. Travel costs will be reimbursed in the amount of 275€.

You will be supported by a Coordinator and a Mentor to help you get settled in your workplace and the city of Bremen. You will also receive German language lessons!

You can apply if you…

  • … are a resident of Italy (any nationality)
  • … are between 18-30 years old (on the day you start your project)
  • … have a basic level of understanding, speaking and writing in German
  • … have a good level of understanding, speaking and writing in English
  • … have a high level of motivation, desire for self-development and readiness to work with different age groups
  • … like spending time outdoors, doing gardening and planting
  • … like “do it yourself” projects, learning how to do things by actually doing them
  • … are an open-minded person, motivated to work in a team and with people from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds
  • … are pro-active, showing initiative and are able to work independently

In short, this ESC project will give you the opportunity to learn and gain experience in a working environment, to develop your self-awareness and knowledge about people with different backgrounds, to learn more about a new culture and language, and to find your strengths and interests in an unforgettable, unique 12 months in Bremen!

What we offer:

  • Developing yourself and your skills – If you have basic skills and passion for planting and gardening, sustainable do it yourself projects or project management, we will help you learn and develop them even more. You can go on training and learn new skills, work with experienced team, but also have a platform where you can realize your ideas.
  • Opportunity to pursue your passion and ideas – not only that you can, but we expect this from you. We want you to implement all your ideas and passions into our work – if it is a new project, a new idea of a small garden or new cooperation in mind. We encourage out volunteer to try something new, to get out of their comfort zone because this is how people learn the most.
  • Flexible working hours and working environment – as we are not a company and we don’t have strict office hours, our work is often flexible and goes around our projects and activities2. Each month you will plan specific goals and adjust the work schedule accordingly, meaning that in the spring and summer months there will be more outdoor activities, during the colder months it will be more planning and project management activities.
  • An opportunity to change the world – as we are change-makers, we influence our societies to respect human rights, we protect our environment or we provide opportunities for young people who don’t have so many. You will be part of this story and contribute to bringing positive change to the world.

How can you apply?

Please fill in the application form below ASAP, and we will get in touch with you.

Tempted to apply? 🙂