TC Soft Skills for Hard Youth Workers, Spain
Training Course “Soft Skills for Hard Youth Workers”, 2 – 8 December 2019, in Alicante, Spain
27th September 2019
Youth Exchange “The Stage is Yours”, 25 November – 05 December 2019, in Garlstedt, Germany
16th October 2019

ESC “Make a change, be the change!”, Jan 2020 – Jan 2021, in Cento, Italy

*** This call has been closed***

You have a lot of interests and can’t decide? This ESC project involves a colorful number of organisations and youth centres, people from different age groups and backgrounds, giving you the best chance to engage yourself in many new environments in the beautiful town on Cento, Italy!

Location: Cento, Italy

Dates: January 2020 – January 2021

About the Project

Within this ESC project, you would join the team of the NGO Ferfilo in their daily activities, but also engage in the work of Schools in Cento and Pieve di Cento, other organisations and youth centres as well as outdoor spaces in the local area.

The main objectives of this ESC project are:

  • To promote acceptance, tolerance, and non-discriminatory attitudes, inclusion and integration
  • To foster solidarity and equality within the local community
  • To combat racism through non-formal education and activities
  • To provide opportunities for interaction between international volunteers and specific vulnerable groups, such as people with special needs, immigrants, asylum seekers etc.
  • To encourage intercultural dialogue and foster European cohesion and values

Sounds good? Read on to find out how you’d be involved!

Your daily life as a volunteer

Your main activities as a volunteer would be:

  • Working with pre-school children in the morning and afternoon in collaboration with their teachers
  • After school activities – joining the team of Lab63, an initiative that assists children with their homework and studying, also taking care of children with special needs
  • Engaging in and organising the activities of the local youth centre
  • Planning and implementing summer camp activities for the children and youngsters of the city, for example activities related to art, photo, video, personal development and non-formal education
  • Organising non-formal activities around the topics of career finding, skill sharing
  • Participating in the active promotion of volunteering and Erasmus+ activities for the youngsters of the town
  • Working in a Centre for people with special needs, providing activities related to music, art, organising excursions and other activities
  • Any of your own ideas!

You would work 30-35 hours per week from Monday to Friday. Weekends are usually free – if not, you can take other days off during the week. You are entitled to 2 extra days of holiday per month.

Accommodation and Logistics

You would live with other volunteers and share a flat in the city centre of Cento. You will have your private room, and share the living room, kitchen, bathroom, terrace and balcony with your flatmates.

To find your way around the city, you will have a bicycle. Though the city is small, it is well connected to other cities by bus and train.

Cento is a small town in the region of Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna. It is located 25km from Bologna, 32km from Ferrara and 38km from Modena.

Money and Insurance

Every month, you will receive 280€ to cover your expenses for food and anything you may need. Your accommodation will be paid for by the hosting organisation.

You will be enrolled in the insurance programme, CIGNA, for health insurance and other coverage.

The ESC is a recognised voluntary service, so you may be still eligible for German State Kindergeld.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275€.

Training and Support

You will be supported by your coordinator throughout your voluntary service, to discuss your weekly schedule and own ideas. You will meet on a regular basis to discuss your development, ideas and tasks. As a volunteer, you are expected to be an active contributor – you will provide a new vision and perspective and be a valuable member of the team.

In addition, you will have a mentor who will help you integrate into life in Toledo, make connections outside of your workplace and immerse yourself in the culture.

You will be enrolled to the OLS Italian course so you can improve your language skills throughout your stay in Italy.

In addition, you will participate in an on-arrival and a mid-term training, organised for all ESC volunteers in Italy in the beginning and towards the end of your voluntary service.

Can you apply?

Before applying, please read the InfoPack.

You are welcome to fill the application form below, if ALL of the following points apply to you:

  • You are a resident of Germany
  • You are between 18-30 years old
  • You are motivated to contribute your time, energy and ideas to the project and organisations described above
  • You are capable of taking initative, working independently as well as in a team and have good social and communication skills
  • You are willing to live in a small town, share a flat and adapt to a culture that may be very different to what you are used to

Please note that you MUST be a resident of Germany to apply through the form below.

If you have any questions, contact Irma: [email protected]

This call has been closed and the volunteer has been selected.