// EVS CAPOEIRA COMMUNITIES: International became local. SEPTEMBER 3 rd 2018. – AUGUST 3 rd 2019. Zagreb, Croatia - NaturKultur e.V.
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16th May 2018
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30th May 2018

EVS CAPOEIRA COMMUNITIES: International became local. SEPTEMBER 3 rd 2018. – AUGUST 3 rd 2019. Zagreb, Croatia

NaturKultur e.V. in cooperation with Association Amazonas from Croatia are having a call for 1 EVS volunteer:


AGE: 18-30

Association Amazonas aims to promote social inclusion, intercultural learning, and healthy lifestyles through various aspects of Brazilian culture and the art of capoeira. They use capoeira as a method to encourage multiculturalism, development of creative and social potential of children, youth and adults, as well as improving the quality of life of individuals and society as a whole.


The candidate should have the following characteristics:
– motivation and interest to take part in project activities
– willingness to meet new people with different cultures and backgrounds
– interest in education of children and young people
– tolerance and acceptance of diversity
– ability to work with other volunteers of the organization
– reliability and willingness to learn
– creativity and initiative


Voluntary project “Capoeira communities: international became local” will be held in Zagreb, Croatia. It will host four volunteers, one from France, one from Germany, one from Spain and one from Italy. It will last 11 months

During EVS project, volunteers will be involved in 2 groups of activities. First group if focused on the local community and other groups of activities if focused on personal and organizational development. Furthermore, two volunteers will be more engaged in social project by working with children and two will promote social work of organization by involvement in media activities.

*When you are applying for a voluntary service, indicate the preference group of activities.

 Activities which aim is the inclusion of the youngsters and kids with fewer opportunities in society

  1. Tribo Moderna 2 volunteers will take part in this project which is working with children at risk focusing on inclusion through capoeira and sport activities. In a team with our local volunteers, volunteers will assist in preparation and implementation of cultural and sport workshops for kids in schools based on non formal learning of non – violence conflict solving and tolerance. In this activity volunteers will improve knowledge of how to connect pedagogy and sport, how to lead the group, how to solve conflicts in a group.
  2. Participation in media team 2 volunteers will join media team of Amazonas. They will cover events, workshops, trainings and other activities in order to raise the visibility of Amazonas. Volunteers will improve knowledge about social media, they will translate and write articles, take a photos and learn how to do a video.
  3. Preparation of the intercultural workshops All 4 volunteers will have opportunity to create workshops/events etc. with the aim to raise awareness about differences in our communities. Those events will be open to local community.
  4. Participation in team of Brazilactica Every May we have festival of Brazilian culture. Volunteers, together with local volunteers will help in preparation of the small events/promotional material/contact with potential artist etc. The aim of the festival is to raise awareness of different culture and to open people for it.
  5. Promotion of the mobility volunteers will promote mobility and Erasmus+ by creating events, presentations etc. By this, they will inform youngsters about new opportunities and motivate them to search for mobilities.
  6. Language lessons (October to June) All 4 volunteers will have an opportunity to prepare small lesions of their native languages and culture and 1-2 volunteers will prepare conversational English class. It will be once per week and target group are local youngsters with fewer opportunity. Thought the year, this activity includes preparing a few language cafe’s.

Activities which aim is personal or organizational development

  1. Create  idea, make a change! During the project we will leave space for all volunteers to create, prepare and implement the personal project. It will be something important for their personal development, but also something that can do change in the local community or raise awareness on some issue.
  2. Reflection group Once in 2 weeks volunteers will reflect on their learning, get support if needed, agree on new plans with their coordinator.
  3. Organisational development Volunteers will help organization in small tasks necessary for developing our cultural, sport and social project like the translation of articles, searching for accommodation and partners, small office paperwork, maintaining the space, taking care of material etc.
  4. Online Croatian lessons

General information about voluntary service:

Volunteers will have free weekends (and fixed holidays during the Christmas and Easter) so they can explore the city more, go home or travel around Croatia. If they will need to work some weekend (because of specific activities), they will get free days during the week or more holidays. During the summer, the weather will be great so they can visit the famous Croatian seaside. During the winter they can visit hill in Zagreb and enjoy in various winter activities. Through the project, volunteers will have health insurance, but it is important that they have European health card with them before and when they are coming to service. Once, when volunteers finish their voluntary experience, they will receive European certificate Youthpass as a proof that they have been on this project. 

If you want to know more about it, you can check out the infopack!


Interested applicants should fill in the application below and attach their CV to it.

After our review of the applications, we will make short list of candidates for interview. All applicants will be informed about the results.